#FDL: 5 Fictional Weird Libraries

5 Fictional Weird Libraries

Libraries are great. I love them. But some libraries are bizarre and operate a little differently than your friendly neighborhood public library. In this installment of #FDL, I’m going to take a look at some of the fictional, weird, and maybe creepy libraries I’ve come across in reading, listening, and viewing (in no particular order).

  1. The Night Vale Public LibraryThe NVPL is a terrifying place full of malevolent, hooded, eyeless librarians who might eat you, but will definitely cut off your hands for not returning books on time. But you really shouldn’t let this discourage you from visiting the library. They have a great biography section comprising 33 copies of Helen Hunt’s biography. They also run an amazing educational program for illiterate spiders. And their summer reading program for teens and tweens is the most competitive in the area, boasting its first survivor – intrepid teen, Tamika Flynn. She managed to complete her sticker chart *and* kill one of the librarians.
  2. Dunsmouth High School Library. Harrison Harrison travels with his mother to Dunsmouth so she can do some marine biology science. But he still has to go to school and Dunsmouth High School is weird. The library within the high school is also weird. No one ever goes in there and none of the students are really even sure where it is. But Harrison finds it and the librarian inside. Prof. Freitag is constantly looking for something in the library but doesn’t know what or where that thing is. He also doesn’t ever touch anything… weird.
  3. The Library at Mount Char. Well, this library isn’t really open to the public. It serves as the home and school of 13 child apprentices, each tasked with learning a certain aspect of the world, including all of its secrets. Father runs the library and raises and teaches the children. But one day, Father disappears, and it’s up to the now grown children to figure out who will take his place.
  4. The Palace. The Palace of the High Ones has a kind of library, unlike anything on the World of Two Moons. The Palace is home to the Scroll of Colors, a visual account of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be. It forever changes, based on the actions of elves, humans, and well – anything. While it is impossible to know the entirety of the Scroll due to its vastness and ever changing information, it’s been a useful tool for the elves in understanding themselves and their purpose in the universe.
  5. RuPaul’s Drag Race. This library isn’t fictional, but it can be weird. In the grand tradition of Paris is Burning, the library is open! This is a library where you go to read, and get read. To filth. Reading at this library takes a wicked wit and a thick skin. Reading is what? Fundamental!

Post by Carey Gibbons, Reference Specialist

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