Fine Arts at Fondulac District Library

Current Exhibit

Vivid, Marina Wirtz

Marina Wirtz grew up in the town of Vladimir, part of the beautiful Golden Ring area of Russia, a few hours outside of Moscow. Her lifelong interest in art continues here in the Peoria area, where she enjoys developing and improving her oil painting techniques and style. As an art teacher, Wirtz believes that learning how to paint should be a fun adventure and teaches with energy and enthusiasm. Wirtz enjoys implementing unusual paint supplies, such as socks or kitchen sponges, and sharing new painting techniques, like intuitive painting and art therapy. Additionally, she inspires her students by sharing her knowledge of famous artists and their works. Wirtz is a member of the Union of Russian Professional Artists, which includes more than 5000 members whose membership has been awarded based on review by a professional commission. Wirtz actively participates in local art events, such as charity art auctions, art festivals, and other events where artists come together to share their vision. Wirtz also shows her work at Junction Gallery, 817 SW Adams Gallery,, and her Facebook page.



Fine Arts at FDL expands the library’s mission by stimulating imagination and fostering lifelong learning. Curated by the library’s Art Advisory Committee, the program strives to give local artists the opportunity to present new work in a public setting and encourages all artists in East Peoria and surrounding communities to submit an application for consideration.

The installation of art at Fondulac District Library’s facility at 400 Richland Street began with a generous donation from the Ray and Peg Bahnfleth estate. Several pieces were commissioned or purchased for the library’s collection, and funds were used for the installation on a Walker display system for exhibiting engaging works by local artists. Exhibitions of local art are expected to begin in the second half of 2016.

Fine Arts at FDL is curated by the Art Advisory Committee: Adult Services Manager Laura Warren, Communications Assistant Elizabeth Anderson, and Library Director Genna Buhr. The program is guided by the policy adopted and approved by the library’s Board of Directors.

Exhibition Space

The library currently has two areas for temporary exhibitions of art. Two 12-foot perpendicular wall sections with Walker display system railing are located adjacent to a second floor seating area and are available for displaying mounted, framed, and/or sturdy hanging art. Near its entrance, the library also has a tall glass-front display case with adjustable glass shelving for small or medium-sized three-dimensional art pieces. The case consists of four sections, each with adjustable shelves. The top two sections are each 48 inches tall and have lighting. The bottom two sections are 27 inches tall. All sections are 20 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

All exhibit areas are within the library and are publicly viewable during regular library hours.

Call for Artists

The Arts Advisory Committee invites artists from East Peoria and surrounding communities to submit an application for consideration.  Applications are welcome anytime and are reviewed on a revolving basis by the Committee under the guidance of library policy. To be considered, please review the Art in the Library Policy and complete the online application.

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