Library Cards

Fondulac Public Library District MapWho can get a card?

Anyone who is at least five years old and resides within the boundaries of the territory served by Fondulac District Library may apply for a card. The geographic area served by Fondulac District Library includes all of Fondulac Township and School District #86 along with some parts of East Peoria in Groveland Township. East Peoria addresses in Woodford County are not part of Fondulac District Library. (Please note: The map to the right is only an approximation of library district boundaries.)

Property tax bills from Tazewell County Assessor will display if your residence is in territory served by Fondulac District Library.

If you are unsure if you are eligible for a Fondulac District Library card, please contact the library for assistance.

What do I need to get a card?

Adults must present current photo identification with name and address, such as a valid driver’s license or state ID.

If the address on the identification is not current, applicants must provide postmarked mail with the current address or another signed item with the current address such as a rent receipt or apartment lease.

Applicants age 5 through 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has a current photo ID and proof of address. The parent or guardian must sign the applicant’s application.

What if I lose my card or if it is stolen?

NOTIFY THE LIBRARY IMMEDIATELY by phone at (309) 699-3917 or in person at the library. Cardholders are responsible for all materials checked out on the card until the card is reported lost or stolen. Once a card is reported lost or stolen, the card and account is blocked immediately so that no one can use it. The library charges a small fee of $2.00 to replace a non-expired card.

What is considered a valid library card?

A valid library card is one that has not expired and has a total of less than $5 in fines and fees pending. A library card that has expired cannot be used to borrow additional materials until it is renewed. A library card that is blocked because it has accrued $5 or more in fines and fees cannot be used to borrow additional materials until the amount due has been paid.  Library cards are considered invalid if the cardholder moves outside of the library district.

When does my card expire?

Library cards expire three years from the month of issue. Library cards can only be renewed in person at Fondulac District Library.

I don’t live in East Peoria. Can I still use your library?

Anyone can use Fondulac District Library resources (including computers and Wi-Fi) in the library building, even if you do not have a library card. Many resources available on our website can be used by anyone; some require that you have a Fondulac District Library card and are noted as such.

Even if you are not a resident of East Peoria, you still may be able to check out materials here. We have an agreement with most area libraries that allows you to use your library card at Fondulac District Library.  You’ll need to get a card from your home library first and bring it along when you visit us. Some libraries choose not to be a part of our borrowing agreement.  Feel free to call ahead and ask if your library is one of them.

Fondulac District Library does participate in Illinois’ nonresident fee program. Non-residents are defined as “a person who resides outside the taxing area of a public library” and have the option to annually purchase a card in order to obtain public library service. Administrative rules [23 Ill. Adm. Code 3050] determine where non-residents must go to purchase their non-resident card. For more information about the program, please contact the library or visit the Illinois State Library’s Public Library Non-Resident Service Administrative Rules webpage.

For a list of participating libraries and their fees, visit the RAILS Public Library Nonresident Card Participation webpage.

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