Makey Makeys

Unleash your inner inventor! Fondulac District Library offers MaKey MaKey kits for checkout!

MaKey MaKey is a basic computing and circuitry tool for all ages. These devices enable the user to turn any item that can conduct electricity into a touchpad. Bananas, aluminum foil, and silverware are just a few examples of regular household items that you can hook up to a MaKey MaKey device.

To get started, simply connect the MaKey MaKey board to your computer using the USB cable included with each kit. Next, use the alligator clips to attach two objects to the MaKey MaKey board. Now, when those two objects touch, the computer will react as if it is receiving input from your mouse or keyboard. Create a controller for your favorite computer game, a banana keyboard, or explore a myriad of other possibilities!

MaKey MaKey kits are available to patrons of all ages with a valid library card. Checkouts and returns take place at the Information Desk on the library’s second floor. MaKey MaKey kits can be checked out for one week and renewed once. There is no paperwork to fill out, and all of the necessary equipment is included in the box. A library staff member can place holds on MaKey MaKey kits for pickup exclusively at Fondulac District Library. To learn more about borrowing a MaKey MaKey, stop by the second floor Information Desk at the library or call the library at 309-699-3917.

Makey Makey’s website offers comprehensive instructions and videos.

Makey Makey Labz is place to share your Makey Makey inventions and find inspiration from other inventors all around the world! Makey Makey helps people learn Invention Literacy through changing the ways you interact with the world. Maybe that bushel of bananas is a marimba, that social interaction is a camera, or that escalator is an M&M surfboard.

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