Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning: Looking at the Library’s Goals

Fondulac District Library’s Board of Trustees has adopted a strategic plan for fiscal years 2017 to 2019. Strategic planning involves defining the direction of an organization and determining the objectives necessary to achieve the desired outcomes. The results of the process provide leadership with focus for making decisions related to resource allocation and the achievement of the organization’s vision. Fondulac District Library’s goals for fiscal years 2017 through 2019 are the result of meetings with and input from East Peoria residents and stakeholders, the library’s staff, and the library’s Board of Trustees.

With an eye to the future, the Board hosted a focus group in Spring 2016 in order to gather input from the community as it evaluated new possibilities and worked to develop a three-year plan for the library. The goals and objectives created during the process will guide many library decisions regarding services, programs, and spaces. The Board has utilized similar strategic planning processes in the past. The library’s most recent plans identified the need for a new and larger library facility, and the Board is proud to have opened a brand new facility in November 2013 in the growing Levee District. Having successfully implemented previous plans, the library is excited once again to have developed its goals with community input in order to move the library forward. Additionally, it is appreciative of those who shared their time and unique perspectives to better the library and the community.

2017-2019 Goals

Marketing (FY17-19): Empower the staff to market the library’s resources

Services (FY17-19): Provide opportunities for patron collaboration and training

Technology (FY17-18): Develop library apps for streamlined mobile access to library services and features

Programs (FY19): Expand outdoor programming

FY2017 Update

MARKETING: Empower the staff to market the library’s resources

In FY2017, the library decided to focus on communication of existing services in a more consistent manner, both inside and outside of the library. While the library continued its existing marketing practices, it also looked for additional methods to “spread the word,” including a new bi-weekly promotional plan, increased Facebook posts and testing of Facebook ads, increased presence at community events, and participation in a multi-library television campaign funded through a media grant.

SERVICE: Provide opportunities for patron collaboration and training

Throughout the year, library staff collaborated with schools, non-profit organizations, individuals, and businesses to create programs and learning opportunities both at the library and at locations throughout the community.  More than 9,100 people participated in the 553 programs offered by the library in FY2017.

Just a few examples of the many ways the library worked with the community to improve patron opportunities include:

  • Launched the Fine Arts at FDL program allowing local artists to exhibit their artwork.
  • Collaborated with several organizations to bring free GED classes to the library.
  • Coordinated with local preschools to initiate a new project to bring library services to children unable to regularly attend storytimes and programming at the library.
  • Introduced a new book club which meets monthly at East Peoria restaurants.
  • Partnered with River City Labs to bring 3D printing and training to patrons.
  • Hosted a Chinese New Year celebration in collaboration with the Peoria Chinese Association.

TECHNOLOGY: Develop library apps for streamlined mobile access to library services and features

Library staff worked throughout the year to make more information, services, and content available online. Alliance Digital Media Library, eRead Illinois, and Tumblebooks offer patrons 24/7 access to downloadable eBooks and audiobooks. The BookMyne app provides access to the library’s catalog and patron accounts. The library invested in and introduced mobile printing this fiscal year, which brings the library’s public printers online and available to receive print requests over the web. Patrons can register for most events, request 3D printing projects, and check their accounts online through the library’s mobile-responsive website. The library’s text message service allows patrons easy access through their mobile phones to receive notifications about material due dates and to renew items through simple text commands. Additionally, the library has introduced #FDL, a new blog created by staff that offers readers interesting and fun content about books, movies, services, and other library-related topics, and continues to bring readers weekly online book reviews through FDL Reads.

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