Support the Library

Thank you for your interest in supporting Fondulac District Library. Contributions support our mission to provide the broad range of library services, materials, and programs necessary to meet the educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs of our community.  There are many ways to invest in the library, and we gratefully welcome  and deeply appreciate the gifts and donations we receive from members of the community.

Individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in helping Fondulac District Library to remain a valuable community resource, to complete the current construction project, and to grow its future may contact the library at any time for more information.

For more information regarding supporting the library, donations, or any of the below opportunities, please contact the library.

Monetary Donations

Monetary gifts are a great way to show your support of the library. Donations of funds are always welcome and may range from a simple cash gift to various forms of planned or deferred giving, such as endowments and bequests.  Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and acknowledged. Donations to the library are generally tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. To explore various planned giving options, please contact Genna Buhr, Library Director, at (309) 699-3917 or

The library has partnered with the Illinois E-Pay Program to provide you with a secure, convenient, and easy way to make a donation to the library. Please visit our Illinois E-Pay page to make a donation online. (Please note that a convenience fee will apply. The fee is not charged or collected by Fondulac Public Library District. For specific information about convenience fees, please review the information available on the Illinois State Treasurer’s website.)

Celebrations, Tributes, and Memorials

Fondulac District Library always is honored to accept celebratory donations from family and friends of someone whose life has been especially enriched by the library’s services or staff.  We gratefully accept gifts given in celebration of special events, in gratitude of someone’s service, and in memory of a special honoree or a loved one. It is a privilege to receive the heartfelt appreciation of a library patron or their friends and family, as recognition that our services have enhanced the quality of a beloved community member’s life.

Donations of Books and Other Materials

Donations of books and other materials broaden our collections, enable us to meet the demand for multiple copies of heavily-used titles, and also help us replace lost or damaged copies.

Your donation might include:

  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • Music CDs
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • DVD or Blu-ray videos and films

Not all donated materials are added to the library collection. The library reserves the privilege of deciding whether donated items should be added to the collection. Some donated items are given to the Friends of the Library group for sale to benefit the library.

Adopt-a-Magazine Program

This program allows supporters to “adopt” and provide the subscription fee for one or more of the magazines to which the library subscribes. A label denoting the adopter’s name is placed on the cover of every issue of the gift subscription. (Gifts may also be designated as anonymous.) Most subscriptions range in price from $15 to $30 per year.


Donors can adopt an existing collection item for the cost of the book. Adoption of an existing Library collection item will be recognized with a book plate bearing the donor’s name.

Volunteer at the Library

We love volunteers! Fondulac District Library welcomes volunteers in the library workplace.  The sense of ownership that volunteers have as a part of the library organization promotes advocacy for the library within the community.  Using volunteers extends the resources of the library.  Not only do volunteers perform tasks that might otherwise not get done, they provide valuable input to library staff about the community. Read more about our volunteer program.

Friends of Fondulac District Library

The Friends of Fondulac District Library support the mission of the library through advocacy, financial support, and volunteerism. The group also accepts donations of books and other media for its sales benefitting the library.

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