#FDL: No Shave November

No Shave November

In addition to being National Novel Writing Month, November is also known as No Shave November for those taking this time to grow epic facial hair instead of (or in addition to) writing an epic novel. And as always, FDL has you covered with some items of facial hair inspiration.

  1. The Gigantic Beard that was Evil by Stephen Collins. I mean, no one is telling you to grow a giant evil beard. That’s your own decision. But this graphic novel tale of one man’s facial hair run amok is epic in scope. And if your beard needs a little taming, perhaps this book will do the trick.
  2. Star Trek: The Original Series. I believe it is a known fact that somewhere in the multi-verse is another version of you who is evil. And evil you definitely has evil looking facial hair. Thanks to Star Trek and the Mirror Universe, we have Spock’s slick Vulcan goatee. But is it really the facial hair’s fault that alterna-you is evil? And why is all of this facial hair evil in the first place?
  3. Orc Dave in the comic Rat Queens. So, not all beards are evil. Have you ever wanted to grow your facial hair for a good cause? Look no further than Orc Dave in the Dungeons & Dragons inspired comic series Rat Queens. When Orc Dave heals a person wounded in battle, his beard sprouts bluebirds. So, it’s both excellent facial hair and home to small wildlife. 

4. Detective Poirot Mysteries. Maybe you’re not really a beard type of person. Maybe you are more into mustaches. If this is the case, there are few mustaches as notorious as that of the one belonging to Detective Hercule Poirot. You can read about the glory that is his meticulous mustache in the books by Agatha Christie, or you can see the mustache in action on David Suchet on the television series (both at FDL) or check out Kenneth Branaugh as Poirot in the film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, opening this weekend.

5. Singh from A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall. It would be rude of me to leave ladies off of this list as they are also capable of growing excellent facial hair if they so choose. Singh is not a major character in the first book of this dark fantasy trilogy but she plays a major role in the life of our main character, Zosia. She’s also a dual blade wielding war machine with the most glorious mustache in all the land.

Post by Carey Gibbons, Reference Specialist

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