Centennial History of East Peoria

Centennial History of East Peoria

Centennial History of East Peoria was commissioned by the City of East Peoria in 1984 and is posted here with permission as a service to researchers interested in learning more about the community and its past.

The City of East Peoria retains copyright on this material.

The library thanks Eric Willey, Illinois State University Special Collections and Formats Cataloger, for his contributions towards the digitization of the book.

Borrowing Centennial History of East Peoria
Print copies are available for review and borrowing at Fondulac District Library and several local libraries.

An eBook version may be borrowed through Alliance Digital Media Library.

Downloading Centennial History of East Peoria
A PDF version also is available for online viewing, printing, and/or saving.

To view or print this file after saving , Adobe Reader or another PDF reader program such as the Foxit Reader must be installed on the computer.

Searching the Downloadable Version
To search for specific words in the book, either view the document online  or download and open the document in your PDF reader.

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