FDL Reads: Close to You

Cover image for Close to youClose to You by Kara Isaac

Reviewed by: Diane Soffietti, Adult Reference Services

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Suggested Age: Adults

What is the book about?: Having an Oxford education and a love for Tolkien, a young woman is trying her best to put her life back together after falling for an English con man. In the tourism business for literary types who also love Tolkien, Allison Shire is certainly not looking for any kind of relationship, especially not with an American. But this American is trouble from the start, as he knows nothing about the Tolkien books or the movie settings in beautiful New Zealand. However, Jackson Gregory is trying to win over his uncle, who has signed the two of them up for Allison’s Tolkien tour, which includes exclusive behind the scenes adventures. Jackson also is not looking for any relationships, as he is focused on re-inventing a profitable business and repaying his parents and other investors from his last failed venture. That investment went up in smoke, because his girlfriend took his investment secrets to his competitor. Allison and Jackson are thrown together in some humorous situation and try their best not to like each other.

My Review: This is a humorous romance like many of the Hallmark or Lifetime channel movies. Complications and missed communications make the situations both characters get themselves into both funny and sad. The setting of New Zealand and the Tolkien tour is what drew me to this novel. But a knowledge of the works by Tolkien is not necessary to enjoy the book. Behind the scenes knowledge of the movie series is a wonderful aspect of the novel, however. The beauty of the locations and the goodness of the characters shine through and make the reader want a happy ending for Allison and Jackson.

Three Words That Describe This Book: Tolkien, literary-tourism, romance

Give This a Try if You Like…  Kristen Billerbeck, Deborah Moggach, Jean Ray, Maria Semple, Janice Thompson, Lisa Wingate, or Linda Windsor

Rating: 4/5

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